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The Mission of San Diego Miramar College Fire Technology and Emergency Medical Technician Programs is to provide quality education and training that will prepare students to protect lives, property and the environment. Valuing diversity as one of our greatest strengths, at the heart of our Mission is a commitment to supporting a diverse student population. We recognize the importance of community partnerships and strive to offer innovative educational programs that meet the needs of our fire and emergency medical services personnel. Through continual planning, assessment and reflection we endeavor to afford our students a competitive edge in the workforce.

Where to start?  Please see our FAQ pages for FIPT and EMT.  Make an appointment with Isabella Feldman, our FIPT Program counselor. 

Fire & Emergency Medical Technology

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Isabella Feldman
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Website Introduction Videohttp://online2.sdccd.edu/faculty/dhall/fire_science/fire_science.html

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FYI, Starting Fall 2011, FIPT 100A/B/C are replaced by the new FIPT 150A/B/C.  FIPT 150A will count as a PE Elective and the current FIPT 100D will count as PE for the two required PE courses for your degree!
Stacy Rodgersmailto:srodgers@sdccd.edu?subject=FIPT/EMT%20Interest